Man Sentenced To 54 Years In Prison For April 2022 Standoff In Rancho Tehama

A man from Rancho Tehama has been given a long prison sentence for a long standoff he had with sheriff’s deputies last April. The incident started when a theft in progress was reported, followed by reports that 44-year-old Lo Bounlord was dragging a television down the road that he had taken from a home on Elder Creek Circle. Neighbors confronted Bounlord and he responded by pulling out a handgun and firing multiple rounds wildly and seemingly at random. He kept firing even after going inside his own house. Deputies arrived and surrounded the place as Boulord’s family members fled the home before he barricaded himself inside. Deputies tried to convince him to surrender as the Tehama County SWAT Team headed to the scene with their armored vehicle. Over the course of a few hours Bounlord fired many shots at surrounding law enforcement, striking the armored vehicle and returning inside several times. Finally, a large amount of tear gas was deployed into the house and minutes later Bounlord came out, naked and with his hands in the air. Two of the guns he was using had been stolen from a neighbor’s garage. Bounlord has been sentenced to 54 years in state prison.