Man Sentenced To Life In Prison A Decade After Murder

A Redding man is going away for the rest of his life for a murder that had gone cold for six years before it was solved. 53-year-old Charles Roy Sweetwood was found dead in May of 2013 in his apartment on S Street. He had been shot to death a number of days prior to being found by his daughter. Sweetwood had picked up his prescription pills from the pharmacy and he was robbed of them and then executed in his bathroom with a single gunshot to the back of the head. In 2019 arrest warrants were issued for 40-year-old Matthew Hartman and 34-year-old Carleen Honaker in the burglary, robbery and murder. Hartman still lived in the area and was taken into custody. Honaker had moved away but she was found and returned to Shasta County. Honaker was sentenced last month to 14 years 8 months in state prison. On Thursday Hartman was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.