Man Sentenced To Life In Prison On 19 Felony Counts

A remarkably cruel domestic violence case in Siskiyou County has sent a man to prison for life. 42-year-old Kevin “Wes” Harker assaulted his partner continually for the more than 2 years they were together. They had a baby in 2020 and she had medical problems, requiring her to be hospitalized in Southern Oregon. Harker refused to let the mother use his car to go visit the baby so she got a ride and slept on a bench outside the hospital. Harker showed up, warned her not to get a ride home with a man, and left. A male behavioral health worker gave her a ride to Yreka, where she stayed with a friend. Harker arrived to threaten her with a gun and try to get in through a window. She later awoke to him in the room and he forced her to go to his motel room. The next day they were driving on Highway 96 as he interrogated her.When he heard she had gotten a ride from Oregon with a man he started punching her in the head until she climbed into the back seat. He then kept trying to stab her and slowed down to a crawl, so she tried to escape out the back door but he sped up as she was dragged on the pavement until she lost her grip. The rear tire ran over her and she had a dislocated shoulder, a broken hand and a bone protruding from her leg. Harker threw her into the back seat, then stopped at a house and got a shovel, which he said was to dig her grave. When they got to Yreka Harker tried to get a friend to help him bury her but he refused. She was left in the car for hours in shock and pain before Harker agreed to drop her off at the hospital because she said she would make up a story as she had done many times before. It was time for the truth though, and she told police about more than 100 assaults, 20 of them with weapons including knives, metal rods and baseball bats. The abuse was well documented in medical records. Harker had already been convicted of abuse from two prior relationships. In January he was found guilty on 19 felony counts including mayhem and torture. He must serve over 26 years in prison before his life sentence even begins.