Man Sentenced To Two Years In Prison After False Imprisonment Conviction

A Tehama County man with a violent history is going back to prison. 56-year-old Mark Thomas Boles was already on parole from an incident in 2018 when he tried to blow up the Methodist Church in Los Molinos. Deputies called to the scene found boles holding a portable torch that he was using to try and ignite a 250 Gallon propane tank behind the church. Deputies ordered Boles to stop, but he refused, saying they would have to shoot him. Firefighters had also responded to the scene and they used a high pressure firehose to physically push Boles away from the propane tank. He then injured a deputy in the ensuing struggle. At that time Boles was on Post Release Supervision from a prior sentence. His latest arrest was April 6th when deputies were called on a report of an active strangulation. They found Boles with one arm around a woman’s torso and the other arm around her neck keeping her from getting out of a car. Convicted of false imprisonment by violence, he’s been given a 2 year prison sentence.