Man Shot By Police Early Last Year Sentenced To Over 5 Years In Prison

A Red Bluff man who was shot by police has been sentenced for shooting into his ex-girlfriend’s house. Early the morning of January 12th last year a woman on Madison Street called 9-1-1 to say 30-year-old Carlos Villalobos was lurking outside her home. He was angry that she had a new boyfriend. Officers checked it out and found no one. Then a while later she called again to say Villalobos was pounding on the door. The new boyfriend went outside and there was a confrontation. The new boyfriend retreated when he saw Villalobos was armed. The first arriving officer saw Villalobos with a shotgun aimed at the front window of the home. The officer fired several rounds, striking Villalobos at least twice as Villalobos was simultaneously squeezing the trigger of the shotgun. He was taken to Saint Elizabeth Hospital with non-life-threatening wounds and nobody else was injured. Villalobos has been sentenced to 5 years 8 months in state prison. Red Bluff Police had posted body cam footage of the incident.