Man Who Threw Molotov Cocktails At Corning Police Sentenced To 10 Years

A man has been sentenced for a botched attack against Corning Police with a molotov cocktail. One afternoon in December of 2022, officers inside the police station on Fourth Street heard a loud banging noise outside and went to investigate. 33-year-old Cassidy Brent Russ was walking away onto Solano Street while fumbling with something in front of him and ignoring officers who were telling him to stop. An officer in a patrol car stopped in front of Russ, who then lit another one of the fire bombs and threw it toward the officer. It missed and hit a parked car. Russ fled on foot with the officer chasing him in his car until an off duty officer tackled him. While struggling and withstanding multiple baton strikes, Russ kept putting his hands in his waistband and his backpack until he was handcuffed. Prior to that incident, Russ had been wanted for throwing another molotov cocktail at some parked patrol cars the previous July. In both incidents, the devices only caused some charred spots on the ground. Russ has been sentenced to 10 years in state prison.