Man Who Uttered Racial Slur At Supervisors Meeting Will Not Faces Charges

A man who used a racial slur at a Shasta County Board of Supervisors meeting will not be charged with a crime. On May 30th Alex Bielecki was complaining about affordable housing during public comment period when he used the N-word. The Sheriff’s Office asked the District Attorney to review the case as a charge of “disturbing the peace by use of offensive words in a public place”. The DA’s Office says that because Bielecki was referring to himself, it was not likely to provoke a violent reaction and is therefore not a crime. It did provoke enough of a vocal reaction by Nathan Pinkney, the only African-American man in the room, to eventually get Pinkney ejected by the Board Chair, Patrick Jones. Bielecki was not admonished, and the incident has set off a lot of debate in the community.