Man Will Be Sentenced To Probation For Brutally Attacking His Ex-Girlfriend In 2018

A man from Mount Shasta has made a plea deal that will allow him to be free on probation for brutally attacking a Cottonwood woman. 36-year-old Jason Lanphear was the ex-boyfriend of the victim. In March of 2018 the woman called 9-1-1 from Front Street in Cottonwood. She said Lanphear had forced his way into her home before physically and sexually assaulting her. He refused to let her leave and at one point dragged her outside and down a staircase. She was eventually able to escape and call for help. Lanphear had been abusing the woman for four months. On Friday he pled guilty to attempted murder, kidnapping, criminal threats and felony domestic violence. The deal gives him a sentence of nearly 16 years in prison, but the prison time is suspended in lieu of 5 years probation. The victim has had a lot of input in the settlement process and recommended extensive drug treatment for Lanphear. Sentencing is set for January 11th.