Man With “Colorful” Criminal History Sentenced To 8 Years

A 46-year-old Red Bluff man is going to prison after picking a strange place to make a stand. Aaron McKeehan Streeter has a colorful criminal history. In July of 2016 he had just been discharged from parole a few days before setting fire to a Toyota Prius parked in front of Boardmart in Downtown Redding. Streeter was easy to identify because he has a rough version of a Spiderman mask tattooed on his face. In August of last year Streeter was at the Dollar Store in Red Bluff and tried to leave without paying for some things. When someone confronted him about it, Streeter rushed at him and stabbed him in the face with a ballpoint pen. Due to his prior felony strike, Streeter has been sentenced to eight years in state prison.