Mosquito Complex In Del Norte County Remains Active, Crews Report Very Little Fire Activity On Other Large Lightning Fires

The Northwestern California lightning fires are mostly contained, but various hazards are still being dealt with. People downstream or downhill from fire damaged areas are urged to be alert for slides from steep hillsides that have lost stability that was maintained by root systems. Fire officials also want people to remember that some of the most destructive fires in California history have started in the Autumn months.

The only active fire in the Happy Camp Complex is the 13,900 acre Elliot Fire, now 74% contained.

The Pearch Fire, straddling the Trinity/Siskiyou County line east of Orleans, has not grown in a few days after burning 12,100 acres with 31% containment. Firefighters are keeping a watchful eye for falling rocks and debris on the Highway 96 Corridor and Salmon River Road.

The Pearch is now being managed with the 15 fires of the Mosquito Complex in Mid and Southern Del Norte County. Several fires are still active, having burned over 49,400 acres with containment of just 20%. Crews are trying to increase containment indirectly by cutting fuel breaks, particularly on the east and west sides. The north end is in a remote unpopulated area.

With 87% containment, no new growth has been seen for several days on the 94,600 acre Smith River Complex in Del Norte County and into Oregon.