Nearly 830,000 Salmon Fry Die After Being Released From New Klamath River Hatchery

The dams being removed along the Klamath River are being blamed for yet another mass die off of Salmon. Last week was the first-ever release of Fall Run Chinook fry from California’s new $35 Million Fall Creek Hatchery. 830,000 of the young fish swam down the Klamath and many or most of them are believed to have been killed by gas bubble disease while going through the Iron Gate Dam tunnel. The dam and the tunnel are scheduled for removal later this year, a project largely being done for the benefit of Salmon survival. Until Iron Gate is torn out, future Salmon releases from the Fall Creek Hatchery will be done below the dam. There are still well over 3 Million healthy Fall Run Chinook at the hatchery, and more of them will be released later this month.