No Growth Reported On The Happy Camp Complex, Other Fires Slowed By Wet Weather

A couple of inches of rain have done wonders in the fight against the Northwestern California lightning fires, though people downstream or downhill from fire damaged areas are urged to be alert for flash flooding and mudslides.

Almost no movement has been seen on the two remaining active fires in the Happy Camp Complex, the 7,600 acre Ufish Fire and the 13,650 acre Elliot Fire. The 9 destroyed structures and one civilian fatality in the complex were on the now-contained Head Fire.

The Pearch Fire east of Orleans has grown slightly to 12,100 acres with 6% containment.

The several fires within the Mosquito Fire Complex have grown a little to a total of 32,830 with overall containment of 6%.

The Smith River Complex in Del Norte County is still at 94,500 acres with containment of 85%.