Over 47,000 Cannabis Plants Destroyed In Trinity County Raids

An aggressive sweep of unlicensed cannabis cultivators was done in Trinity County between July 31st and August 3rd, according to a posting made Tuesday by the Sheriff’s Office. They were assisted by State Fish and Wildlife and other agencies as they served more than 35 search warrants on private property in various areas of the county. Trinity County has a robust and lucrative legal cannabis growing industry, but the targeted operations were not in compliance with the law and some were using banned and dangerous pesticides and illegal streamwater diversions. A total of 47,152 growing plants were destroyed along with 6,181 pounds of processed bud. More than 10 pounds of hazardous chemicals were seized, as well as 25 guns, including an AR-15 with no serial number, and $236,000 cash. The Sheriff’s Office says numerous suspects were detained, questioned and released pending charges from the Trinity County District Attorney’s Office.