Papini Released To Halfway House Ahead Of 3 Years Of Parole

Sherri Papini is out of prison and in a halfway house after serving part of her 18 month sentence. In November of 2016 the now-41-year-old mother of two vanished while jogging near her Mountain Gate home. More than 3 weeks later she reappeared in Yolo County. Her wrists were bound, her nose was broken, and she was covered in bruises, burns, rashes and chain marks. She claimed she had been abducted at gunpoint by two Hispanic women, but she actually had been staying with an ex-boyfriend in Costa Mesa and had harmed herself to support her story. Four years later Papini still stood by her story, even when an FBI Agent and a Sheriff’s Detective showed her contradictory evidence. In April of last year Papini took a plea deal and she was sentenced last September. After getting out of the halfway house, Papini is set for 3 years of parole and must pay $310,000 in restitution for money fraudulently received and for investigative costs. Sherri’s husband Keith had stood by her, but when the truth was revealed he filed for divorce and custody of their two children.