Prop 1 Remains Too Close To Call, Hadwick Leads In State Assembly Race

A statewide proposition to provide bond money and change the structure of mental health funding is still up in the air, with 50.3% in favor and 49.7% opposed.

The District One State Assembly race has barely changed as the count continues. The top two vote getters advance to November. Heather Hadwick leads with 36.5%, followed by Tenessa Audette with 30.5%, Mark Mezzano with 23.8% and Melissa Hunt trails with 9.2%.

The District One State Senate race is inconsequential because the top two advance to November and there are only two candidates. Still, Megan Dahle can feel confident in the coming race after taking 77% over David Fennell’s 23%.

The District One House of Representatives shows incumbent Doug LaMalfa with 64%. He’ll likely face Rose Penelope Yee in November. She has 24% over Mike Doran’s 12%.

The very crowded U.S. Senate contest, with more than two dozen candidates, will come down to a runoff in November between Democrat Adam Schiff, who has 33% and Republican Steve Garvey, who has 32%.