Questions Remain As Search For Missing Woman Nears Two Months

Redding Rancheria and Shasta County District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett have both been grappling with the difficulties involved in a domestic violence case that’s also a missing person case. The whereabouts of 39-year-old Nikki Cheng Saelee McCain have been unknown since May 17th. Nikki’s husband, Tyler McCain, is a member of the tribe at Redding Rancheria and is closely related to some of its most influential families. This has led some to accuse the tribe of doing less than it can to help in the search. The tribe has pointed out that it has allowed all the access it can to the Sheriff’s Office, but they have no law enforcement function and therefore cannot authorize or seek access to any private home. Tyler was in court last Friday on felony domestic violence charges as a couple of hundred people rallied outside the courthouse. The case was dismissed because the only witness for the prosecution was Nikki. The DA’s Office says this was necessary to retain the integrity of the case and allow charges to be filed again when there’s enough evidence for a prosecution. Last week Tyler fell under further suspicion when he was cited for starting a 98 acre fire at the family’s home in Olinda by parking a car in dry grass, which was ignited by the hot tailpipe. The Sheriff’s Office has not named Tyler McCain as a suspect in Nikki’s disappearance. Redding Rancheria has put up a $10,000 reward and paid for a large billboard along Interstate 5.

– Steve Gibson