Redding Rancheria Issues Statement On Search For Missing Woman

Redding Rancheria has released a statement about the missing woman Nikki Cheng Saelee McCain following rumors and social media comments suggesting that the tribe has somehow obstructed the search. Nikki’s husband, Tyler McCain, is a member of the tribe. He was in court Friday on felony domestic violence charges but the case was dismissed because the only witness for the prosecution was Nikki. A couple of hundred people rallied outside the courthouse in protest. Nikki’s sisters say Tyler has not participated in search efforts. Last week he was cited for starting a 98 acre fire at the family’s home in Olinda by parking a car in dry grass, which was ignited by the hot tailpipe. Tyler is not a suspect in Nikki’s disappearance. For their part, Redding Rancheria says they’ve done all they can to cooperate with the Sheriff’s Office, and also put up a $10,000 reward and paid for a large billboard along Interstate 5. Nikki has been missing since May 17th.

– Steve Gibson