Redding Rancheria Receives 500K Grant To Boost Hydrogen Facility In Red Bluff

Redding Rancheria has gotten a government boost for their hydrogen fuel production facility planned for Red Bluff. The tribe that owns Win River Casino and several area health clinics is getting into the clean energy business with a look ahead at California’s zero emissions rules. Seeing a big market for truck fuel on the I-5 corridor, the tribe has partnered with a company of experts in the field to develop a plant in Red Bluff that will produce more than 30,000 Kilograms of clean green hydrogen per day with a new more efficient process. It’s called “Pyrolysis” and the technology is licensed exclusively to tribe, which could be tremendously profitable as California mandates more clean energy. The plant will use biomass from dead trees and underbrush already being cleared from forests to reduce wildfire danger. The tribe has now received a $500,000 grant from the State Department of Conservation.