Reverge Anselmo Donates 250K To Shasta County Political Action Committee

A Connecticut Billionaire with a grudge against Shasta County government is pouring a lot more money into a local politic action committee. Reverge Anselmo has donated another $250,000 to a group called the “Water Users Committee”. It’s basically a reincarnation of the Shasta General Purpose Committee and the Liberty Committee, two political action groups funded by Anselmo to bring about the recall of District 2 Supervisor Leonard Moty. Anselmo also largely funded the failed campaigns last year of candidates for District Attorney, Schools Superintendent and County Clerk. Kevin Crye and Chris Kelstrom also got major funding from Anselmo. Anselmo, who inherited a fortune from his father’s estate, had a winery and restaurant in the Inwood area but moved away after losing a lawsuit with the county prompted by his refusal to get permits for some of his buildings. He declared he would never return unless major changes occurred in county government, including the dismantling of the Resources Management Department. The new money will help the campaigns of incumbent Supervisors Crye, Kelstrom and Jones, as well as newcomer Win Carpenter, who’s running for District 3 against Mary Rickert. In the past three years Anselmo has contributed at least $1.34 Million to Shasta County political campaigns.