RPD: Man Attacks Safeway Clerk During Violent Rampage

A man caused a violent ruckus at the Downtown Redding Safeway store Saturday night. Just after 10 O’clock Redding Police got reports that a man was assaulting employees and vandalizing the store. After assaulting an employee and leaving with stolen merchandise, the man walked over to the Safeway gas station and threatened a security guard and a Safeway clerk. He then assaulted the clerk, who fled into the mini mart and locked the door. The suspect wasn’t done though. He threw a large liquor bottle through the glass door and further assaulted the employee before stealing more goods and leaving. Arriving officers found 38-year-old Barry Eugene Anderson, who matched the description, and he was booked into jail for two counts of robbery, along with criminal threats and vandalism. He’s in jail on $50,000 bail.