RPD Officers Seize 8 Guns From Home After Alleged Drug Deal In North Redding

A man was arrested after Redding Police say they witnessed a drug deal in a Lake Boulevard shopping center parking lot. After reportedly witnessing the transaction, officers ran the plates of the involved GMC pickup and found that the registration was expired, so they stopped it. The driver, 40-year-old Tyler Meeks, had a suspended drivers license and that led to a search during which officers reported finding a large amount of Methamphetamine and a large quantity of cash, as well as a loaded gun magazine and drug paraphernalia. While Meeks was booked into jail, a search warrant was served at his home, reportedly turning up 4 handguns and 4 rifles, none of them registered to Meeks. 3 of the handguns had no serial numbers. Officers also reported finding a large quantity of various illegal anabolic steroids. By the time the search was done, Meeks had already posted bail and was released from jail.