Saturday Is “National Drug Take-Back Day”

A special event will take place Saturday to highlight something that can be done anytime, day or night, all year long. It’s the Drug Enforcement Administration’s National Drug Take-Back Day. Leaving pharmaceuticals in medicine cabinets is one of the primary ways such drugs are abused. Flushing drugs down the toilet is no good because the compounds are unaffected by the water treatment process and end up harming fish and other wildlife. Throwing them in the trash can also contaminate the water table. There are four permanent disposal sites in Shasta County: at the Anderson Police Department, the Shasta Lake City Sheriff’s Station, the Sheriff’s Department Burney Substation, and behind the Redding Police Station on East Cypress where an event will take place Saturday from 10AM to 2PM. Labels should be removed from pill bottles to protect the patient’s privacy. Liquids and powders should be tightly sealed. Over the course of 19 years that the DEA has been sponsoring these events, many Millions of Pounds of drugs have been collected nationwide.