Sheriff Johnson Makes Good On Opening Shuttered Jail Floor By Thanksgiving

Shasta County Sheriff Michael Johnson has made good on his promise to re-open the closed floor of the jail by Thanksgiving. The floor has been closed since July of last year due to an inability to retain correctional deputies. Sworn deputies and non-sworn personnel alike are being used to fill the staffing shortage until the vacant positions can be permanently filled. When the third floor was closed in July of last year, there were shortages in other divisions, including patrol, that made it impossible to move deputies into the jail. Those divisions are now at much higher staffing levels, making the plan possible. Part of the affected floor has been in operation since November 5th, opening up enough beds for 80 additional inmates. Last week the Sheriff’s Office, along with the DA’s Office and the Redding and Anderson Police Departments, did a sweep to locate defendants who had failed to appear for sentencing. Among the arrestees were Royal Ann Blue, Lucas Aurelio Castro, Branden Glen Pimintel and Jay Robert Skiles, along with 8 others. The operation led to the seizure of Methamphetamine, Fentanyl and a Shotgun.