Siskiyou Deputies Seize Nearly 6000 Cannabis Plants After Traffic Stop On I-5

There’s been another big seizure of Weed in the Siskiyou County Town of Weed. On Saturday a deputy stopped a northbound van on Interstate 5 for speeding. When it stopped, the deputy could smell the odor of Cannabis and asked the driver, 41-year-old James Lucatero of Garden Grove, if he could search. Lucatero allegedly agreed and in the back of the van were dozens of large cardboard boxes containing a total of 5,900 uprooted Cannabis plants. He said he was told by an unknown employer to rent and drive the empty van into the desert and leave it there, then return a couple of hours later and drive the cargo to Oregon. For this, he was to be paid $1,000. Lucatero and his passenger, Dixon Pena, were both arrested for cultivation and transportation of unlicensed Cannabis.

-Steve Gibson