Supervisor Jones Defends Speaker Who Used Ethnic Slur During Public Comment Period

An outburst at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting got a local activist kicked out of the chambers for objecting to the use of an ethnic slur. During a public comment period a man used the “N” word and Nathan Blaze reacted by loudly demanding that the man leave. Several minutes later Supervisor Mary Rickert suggested that the use of such offensive language should be more strictly controlled and should result in the ejection of the offending speaker. Supervisor Tim Garmin reiterated a repulsion of racism, but Board Chair Patrick Jones defended the speaker’s use of the offensive language as a first amendment issue while castigating blaze for his out of order comments. This led to more comments from Blaze, to which Jones responded by having blaze escorted out of the building. Subsequent speakers expressed both support and condemnation for the ejection.