Supervisors Pass Ordinance Allowing CCW Holders To Enter County Buildings

A debate is underway over the legitimacy and legality of a new Shasta County ordinance that seeks to expand the limits of a concealed carry permit. While a state law restricting areas where a gun may be carried is tied up in court, Shasta County Supervisors on Tuesday approved what appeared to many people to be a merely symbolic resolution to show opposition to the new state law. What it actually does is allow guns to be carried by civilians into most county buildings and properties, a right that does not extend to non-sworn county employees. An amendment concerning that may come up at a future meeting. The ordinance is likely to be challenged in court by gun control advocates, and possibly by unions representing county employees. The unions were apparently not consulted or notified of the proposal prior to the meeting. Sheriff Michael Johnson has declared that he will refuse to enforce the new state law.