Supervisors Take Final Vote To End Contract With Dominion Voting Systems

The formal and final vote to approve fees associated with terminating the contract with Dominion Voting Systems came before the Shasta County Board of Supervisors Wednesday. When the item was removed from the consent calendar and made a regular agenda item, it became a reopened wound for many members of the public attending the meeting. One man was escorted out of the chambers by security on orders from Patrick Jones when he tried to comment a second time during public comment period on the item, and then refused to step down from the lectern. The item itself concerned two payments. One was an unpaid annual fee of more than $93,000 that Dominion had disputed following the May 8th effective termination date of the Dominion contract. The other was an advance payment of $78,500 for the removal of the equipment. Being basically a done deal, Registrar of Voters Cathy Darling-Allen made the briefest of remarks, for which several board members expressed appreciation for her brevity.