Supervisors Vote Unanimously To Ask State Attorney General To Review Zogg Fire Settlement

The Shasta County Board of Supervisors has decided to turn to state government to settle a dispute that District One Supervisor Kevin Crye started with District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett. During last Tuesday’s meeting, Crye made accusations of corruption when questioning how money was split up from the PG&E Zogg Fire settlement. A lot of bitter words were spoken Friday during a special meeting called specifically to address the issue. The only common thread seemed to be what a shame it was to force the Zogg Fire survivors to revisit their grief. District Two Supervisor Tim Garmin said he would send a letter to State Attorney General Rob Bonta asking him to review the agreement, and in a rare unanimous vote the board concurred. DA Stephanie Bridgett did not attend either of last week’s supervisors meetings. In a statement she pointed out how much work was done in her office to resolve the case, and to try to get a criminal conviction against PG&E. When that failed, a judgment was crafted that provided 74% of the money to local fire and police departments. The remainder went to organizations chosen by the families of the 4 people killed in the Zogg Fire. Bridgett said she was disappointed that Crye was unwilling to call her to discuss his concerns.