TCSO: Man High On Meth Deploys Bug Bombs Into His Own Home

A Paynes Creek man who was apparently very confused was arrested Friday morning. At around 6:30AM, Richard Sexton called 9-1-1 from his home in Ponderosa Sky Ranch and reported being the victim of a home invasion. When Tehama County Deputies arrived their first priority was to sweep the house for intruders. As soon as they entered they were overwhelmed by chemicals and suffered acute respiratory distress. Sexton had deployed multiple aerosol bug bombs in the house and the insecticide fumigant was thick throughout the mobile home. The deputies could hear a dog wailing in the back end of the trailer but they couldn’t get there because of the fumigant. Firefighters from the Paynes Creek Station used breathing apparatus and retrieved the wheezing Chihuahua. He was taken to a veterinarian and is likely to recover. Sexton, who apparently admitted to using Methamphetamine, was arrested for animal cruelty. There was no home invasion.