Two Drivers Sentenced For Separate 100+ MPH Pursuits In Tehama County

Two people have been sentenced for two separate Tehama County high speed pursuits, both of which occurred last August.

20-year-old Duop Pidor of Auburn, California was driving 103 miles an hour on Interstate 5 and passing multiple CHP Officers. When they caught up to him and attempted to pull him over, he cut across three lanes of traffic to exit the freeway, but he didn’t stop. He drove recklessly on backroads, blowing multiple stopsigns and traveling up to 135 miles an hour while nearly hitting a number of other vehicles. After 11 miles he was stopped by a spike strip. Pidor has been given 240 days jail and a 2 year prison sentence that’s suspended on condition of 2 years probation.

55-year-old Hung Mai of Portland, Oregon was driving at around 100 miles an hour on Interstate 5 when an officer tried to pull him over. Mai sped up to 107 while straddling both lanes of the freeway and almost colliding with other vehicles. He was stopped with the use of a spike strip. His sentence is 6 months in jail and a 2 year prison sentence suspended on condition of two years probation.