Woman Arrested After Shooting, Car Crash Near Oak Run

An Oak Run woman is accused of using a gun during a domestic violence incident. Around 8 O’clock Sunday night Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies, medical personnel and a CHP helicopter headed toward the home on reports that 36-year-old Jessica Ruybal had shot the victim. While en route they learned that Ruybal, the victim and their three young children had been in a car crash on Oak Run to Fern Road while on the way to a hospital. Deputies found Ruybal and the three kids walking away from the crash. The victim was hospitalized with a non-life-threatening single gunshot wound. After a medical evaluation the kids were taken by children and family services. Ruybal was booked into jail for domestic violence, attempted murder, child endangerment and DUI causing injury. Her bail is set at a Half Million Dollars.