Woman Who Left Patients With Permanent Deformities Sentenced To 180 Days Of Work Program

A local woman has been sentenced for conducting cosmetic medical procedures with no training or license. 63-year-old Susan Tancreto apparently told her clients that she was a nurse, which she’s never been, and that she worked for Dr. Larry Richard Pyle. The Shasta County DA’s Office says she purchased prescription-only Botox from Dr. Pyle and then administered it at other locations, including a local spa. Dr. Pyle apparently made no examinations of Tancreto’s clients, who were under the impression that the Botox treatments were legal and safe. Dr. Pyle had faced charges of aiding and abetting, but he died last year. The DA’s Office says Tancreto also did filler injections of silicone, and a number of clients have suffered permanent facial deformities and severe injuries. Tancreto had been charged with 8 felonies. On Thursday she was sentenced to 180 days on the county work program and a six year prison sentence is suspended on condition of her probation.