After Goat Story Goes Viral, Callers Overwhelm Mt. Shasta City Dispatchers

A debacle involving a 4-H goat has gone national, and is now interfering with emergency dispatchers in Mount Shasta City. The goat had been raised by a girl in the 4-H program and then auctioned during last year’s Junior Livestock Auction at the Shasta District Fair. It was purchased by State Senator Brian Dahle, but the girl had a change of heart, or misunderstood the finality of the 4-H experience. Her mother then apparently stole the goat back and spirited it away to Sonoma County for safekeeping, but Shasta County Sheriff’s Detectives found it and returned it. The mother is now suing, in a case that has gone viral on social media. Confused callers have been calling police dispatchers in Mount Shasta City, 60 miles away, and preventing dispatchers from doing their jobs.