Body Camera Footage Released Of Fatal Officer Involved Shooting On Amtrak Train

Officer-worn body camera footage has been released by the Mount Shasta Police Department from an officer-involved shooting early Christmas morning aboard an Amtrak train. Officer Jeremiah Capurro had responded to a call from a southbound train that was stopping because of a disruption with 32-year-old Nicolas Detweiler, who had allegedly been threatening Amtrak personnel and passengers with brass knuckles. The officer boarded the train with a Taser in his hand and confronted Detweiler, who reacted defensively and grabbed the Taser. An Amtrak crewmember tried to restrain Detweiler who then punched the officer, nearly knocking him out. After delivering a barrage of baton strikes on Detweiler, Officer Capurro drew his gun and when Detweiler put his brass knuckles on and began beating the Amtrak employee, he was shot multiple times. The Amtrak employee was also struck by gunfight. He was treated for his injuries but Detweiler was declared dead at the scene. Officer Capurro suffered a moderate concussion and facial injuries. He has since returned to duty. The body camera footage can be found on the KQMS Facebook page but viewers should be warned it’s very chilling.