CHP: Driver Who Ignored I-5 Closure Busted With Over 4 Pounds Of Fentanyl

A substantial Fentanyl bust was made north of Redding over the weekend. At 2:45AM Saturday all northbound Interstate 5 traffic was being stopped at Fawndale so Cal-Trans and the CHP could be sure they possessed tire chains before going further. When a driver ignored the signs, as well as the waving and yelling Cal-Trans worker, and kept driving, a CHP Officer quickly pulled the car over. The driver, 18-year-old Osny Galeas of Oakland, reportedly gave fake names for himself and his juvenile passenger. The car was searched, allegedly turning up 4.5 Pounds of Fentanyl. Galeas reportedly admitted he was transporting the Fentanyl from the Bay Area to distribute it in Oregon. He was booked into jail on a Half-Million Dollars bail. The juvenile was returned to Oakland.