Cooler Weather Helps Fire Crews Conducting Prescribed Burns On Area National Forests

The Forest Service continued a 3,700 acre control burn Wednesday at Lake Shasta. The long-term Green Mountain Project is located between the Pit River Arm of the lake and the Sulanharas Creek Arm. Sulanharas Creek was formerly called “Squaw Creek”, but the Federal Government has been working to eliminate that offensive word from place names all over the country and replace it with indigenous names.

Columns of smoke will be seen in the Lewiston area starting Thursday and continuing for a week as the Bureau of Land Management burns piles of brush and limbs that had been previously cut to thin the forest. A lot of pile burning has been taking place throughout the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, and on the Klamath National Forest, where more 800 acres has been thinned so far this Fall through pile burning and understory burning. The cool, moist conditions this year have made ideal conditions for eliminating excessive growth in the forests.