County Clerk Announces Retirement After Running 40 Successful Elections

A public servant who has been a stubbornly stalwart beacon of integrity for the people of Shasta County for two decades has announced her intent to retire. County Clerk and Registrar of Voters Cathy Darling Allen will stay on the job through the Primary and the work that follows it, and will step down effective May 5th. In a letter addressed to the community, Cathy says she’s been diagnosed with a heart condition that requires stress reduction, and that’s simply not possible while administering elections in what Cathy refers to as the “current environment”. Just as she has had many unfounded accusations and verbal abuse dealt to her by some county supervisors and others in the community, she has more quietly received heaps of praise from grateful community members, as well as being awarded and recognized nationally for her exemplary record of accuracy in running 40 successful county elections. She also has overseen the clerk’s duties of issuing marriage and business licenses, passports and more. It will be up to the Board of Supervisors to appoint a replacement to serve the remainder of her term through 2026. Retirement is clearly a difficult decision, but Cathy says she owes it to her family to focus on her health.