Crews Expect Cooler Wet Weather To Help Fight Against August Lightning Fire

Wind will continue to carry smoke from the north into the Redding area, but not as much as it did Thursday. Lower temperatures will help firefighters into next week.

Most of the fires on the 33,000 acre Happy Camp Complex are 100% contained. Crews are still working the 7,600 acres Ufish Fire, which is 58% contained, and the Elliot Fire, which is 3,650 acres and 59 contained. The 9 destroyed structures and one civilian fatality in the complex were on the now-contained Head Fire.

The Pearch Fire east of Orleans has burned about 8,750 acres with 7% containment.

There’s still no containment on the Blue Creek 2 and Marlow Fires near the East Fork of Blue Creek, which have burned more than 13,800 acres.

A little south of those, the Bluff 1 and Mosquito Fires also have no containment. They’ve burned more than 10,200 acres.

The Smith River Complex in Del Norte County has burned about 93,600 with containment reduced to 76%.