Deputies Arrest Man Who Struck Victim With A Hammer After Traffic Collision

Two people have been arrested after a road rage incident and hit-and-run collision in Shasta Lake City. Last Wednesday afternoon a man called 9-1-1 from Shasta Dam Boulevard at Oregon Avenue. He said he had been involved in a collision and stopped to exchange insurance information but was confronted by a man who hit him in the head with a hammer. His injuries were minor. The man with the hammer and a woman who was with him left in separate vehicles. The next morning the victim saw one of the cars at a home on Provo Avenue. Deputies waited for the car to leave and stopped it, detaining 33-year-old Candice Orozco. She said she had been in a road rage incident on I-5 and called her boyfriend, 31-year-old Andrew Gardner. Orozco followed the victim onto Shasta Dam Boulevard. Sheriff’s deputies say surveillance video showed the victim’s car followed by Orozco, followed by Gardner. Orozco reportedly passed the victim, then braked hard to make him rear-end her. After they stopped, the hammer assault occurred. Gardner was also found on Provo Avenue and both he and Orozco were booked on several charges.