Friday Update: Supervisor Crye Holding Off Recall Effort By 46 Votes

As of Friday’s update, the Shasta County Elections Department has processed 53,328 ballots. With almost 112,800 registered voters, that makes a voter turnout of more than 47% so far, which will go up a little as more ballots are counted. On Friday there were still 1,208 unprocessed ballots that needed to be verified and tallied. The next and, presumably, final update will be this Friday. Thursday is the deadline for voters to repair ballots that have been rejected for one reason or another.

It’s now more likely than not that District One Supervisor Kevin Crye will be serving the remainder of his term, but it’s coming down to the wire. At this point the campaign to Recall Crye is failing by just 46 votes. Because it’s so close, the Elections Department has decided to do a manual recount of all the District One Ballots. That process begins Monday.

District 4 Supervisor Patrick Jones has been defeated by Matt Plummer, who won by a margin so far of almost 20 points. In District 3, Mary Rickert took a little over 40% so far. She’ll face Corkey Harmon in November as he has 32% to Win Carpenter’s 28%. In the crowded 4-way race for District 2, Allen Long still might avoid a runoff but it’s gotten tighter as he now shows 50.3%. If Long doesn’t finish with a simple majority, he’ll face Laura Hobbs in the Fall. She has just over 19%, which is 72 votes ahead of Dan Sloan.

Both of Shasta County’s ballot measures have won. Measure C to limit supervisors to two terms took an overwhelming 77%. Measure D to change from a common law government to a charter county leads with 56%.

-Steve Gibson