Grand Jury Clears Elections Office After Investigation Into Signature Verification Process

The Shasta County Grand Jury has again taken a close look at the Elections Office, and again they’ve found they were doing things the right way. A citizen who observed the process of ballot signature verification last Fall had complained that Elections Office workers did not allow them to closely observe and challenge signatures on mail-in ballots. About 80% of Shasta County ballots are by mail and the signatures are verified on every one of them. Because of previous disruptions, observers are no longer allowed in the signature verification room, but must instead watch through a window or on video monitors. The complainant also said the workers were going to fast for them to see what was happening. In reviewing the law, the Grand Jury determined that observers may not challenge specific signatures must may only challenge the process. Also, if workers are told to slow down they would obviously be less efficient and the task would take too long.

– Steve Gibson