Keith Papini Appears On “Good Morning America” Ahead Of Release Of Hulu Docuseries

For the very first time, Keith Papini is talking about his ex-wife’s fake kidnapping. In 2016, Sherry Papini of Redding vanished while jogging. That supposed abduction captivated the nation – and when she finally turned up in Yolo County 22 days later, she claimed that she’d been taken by two Hispanic women who held her captive and abused her. Years later, law enforcement agencies determined that none of her story was true. She’d actually been with an ex-boyfriend in Southern California. Sherry Papini was sentenced to prison but was released last year. Appearing Monday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Keith Papini said his ex-wife has never apologized to her family and apparently doesn’t feel any remorse for what she did. The couple divorced after twelve years of marriage, but they have two children ages 14 and 12, of whom Keith has full custody. On Thursday, Hulu will present a docuseries about the case. The director of that production will be a guest Monday morning on KQMS.

-Steve Gibson