Man Found Wearing Body Armor, Carrying AR-15 Sentenced To 6 Months In Jail

It’s good to help a friend in trouble, but it might be a good idea to put the tactical weapon away first. In August, 32-year-old William Edward Crockett was cooperative and was arrested without incident near Pine and Johnson Streets in Red Bluff. He caught the attention of witnesses because he was trying to break into a car while wearing ballistic body armor, and slung over his back was a loaded AR-15 with a large capacity magazine. A woman at the scene said it was her car and Crockett was trying to help her because she was locked out. She also relayed to officers that Crockett was on drugs and always carries guns. In addition to the AR-15, he also had a loaded unregistered 9 millimeter pistol concealed under his armor. He’s been given a 6 month jail sentence and 2 years probation.