Man Sentenced To 11 Years For Shooting At Group After Fight In Gerber

A Tehama county man has been given an eleven year prison sentence for a shooting incident, as well as a separate domestic violence incident. 22-year-old Andres Vivanco was arrested in June of 2022. He was at a gas station in Gerber when he got into a dispute with some people who ended up vandalizing his car. When he drove away he fired several shots from a semiautomatic handgun at the group, but didn’t hit anybody. A short while later Vivanco was elsewhere when a different group drove by him. He mistook them for the others and fired multiple rounds at them. Again, nobody was hit by gunfire but at least one bullet hit the car. He then fled at high speed and led the CHP on a pursuit. The 11 year sentence is also for battering a woman he was dating. She was uncooperative with deputies but had visible injuries.

-Steve Gibson