Man Shot By Deputies In Oak Run To Appear In Court

An Oak Run man who was shot by Sheriff’s Deputies has been arraigned. Detectives say that on July 5th, 33-year old Christopher Maddox was driving towards Mineral School Road when he encountered two victims, a 51-year old man and a 46-year old woman, who were taking out their trash. Maddox reportedly blocked their vehicle and threatened them with a rifle before they were able to drive away and call 9-1-1. Maddox continued toward his home and he crashed on the side of the road, then confronted four other people including his mother, his great uncle, and his roommates girlfriend. He allegedly fired his rifle towards his roommate, who then fled. A CHP helicopter crew was able to see Maddox and it appeared he was holding the victims hostage. He was ordered to surrender before being shot by arriving deputies. He was treated for his wounds and is now in jail on more than a Million Dollars bail. A plea disposition is set for Tuesday and a preliminary hearing for Thursday.