Missing Front License Plate Leads To Seizure Of Nearly 10 Pounds Of Fentanyl

A very large Fentanyl bust has been reported by the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office. Last Wednesday a Toyota Corolla was stopped by a deputy for having no front license plate. The driver allegedly consented to a vehicle search and in the trunk the deputy found a suitcase containing clothing along with four cellophane-wrapped packages containing what turned out to be 9.4 Pounds of Fentanyl. The driver confirmed the suitcase belonged to him and said he had been paid $4,000 by someone in Mexico to transport the drugs. He insisted that the other two people in the car had no idea that the drugs were there and that he acted alone. According to Justice Department figures, that much Fentanyl is worth about $64,000 and is enough to kill more than 2 Million people. The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office also has just revealed that two weeks prior to that bust, they made a traffic stop that yielded 5 Pounds of Heroin and 8 Pounds of Cocaine.