Paradise Recovery Continues On 5th Anniversary Of Devastating Camp Fire

Wednesday marks the 5 year anniversary of the Camp Fire and the Town of Paradise is still recovering after the fire destroyed most of the town. The Camp Fire leveled about 11,000 homes in the town, displacing most of the 26,000 people who lived there. It claimed the lives of 85 people and changed the lives of thousands forever. Five years later, only about 2,400 homes have been rebuilt. More are being built every day. Paradise Mayor Greg Bolin says that by 2025 all of the town’s overhead power lines will be buried underground. By 2026, he says all public roads will be re-paved. Even with all the new construction many people haven’t returned to Paradise, either due to fear of another wildfire or for financial reasons. Donna Hooton and her husband lived in one of the mobile home parks destroyed by the fire. The Hootons live off of Social Security and said they can’t afford to move back to Paradise. They now live an hour away, in a small, decades-old mobile home. The town now has just under 10,000 residents.