RPD: Officers Recover Bags Of Meth, Fentanyl, & Heroin After Chase Friday

Redding Police say a man threw drugs out of his car window on Friday while being chased. Officers say 63-year-old Matthew Kopp was driving a Mercury SUV erratically eastbound on Highway 44 and had tinted windows that exceeded the limits. A traffic stop was attempted but Kopp reportedly fled and threw multiple bags of drugs out his window before stopping off Interstate 5 at Highway 299. Kopp stepped out but was uncooperative and repeatedly reached toward his waistband and back inside the vehicle. Fearing he may have had a weapon, officers shot him with a beanbag shotgun several times and took him into custody. Officers say drugs and paraphernalia were found in the SUV, and when they retraced the route they found bags of Methamphetamine, Fentanyl and Heroin.

-Steve Gibson