Sex Offender Who Fraudulently Used Debit Card Sentenced To 6 Years

A convicted rapist who failed to follow the law is going back to prison. 61-year-old Curtis Lyndon Arnold of Corning was a registered sex offender when he was arrested in May of 2017. Changes in sentencing laws meant that a thief who steals less than $950 worth of goods is only guilty of a misdemeanor. Arnold had found someone’s lost debit card and he used it four times at different businesses in transactions that totaled less than $950. However, being a registered sex offender, each of the fraudulent purchases counted as a felony and he was sentenced to 8 years in state prison. After being released on parole, Arnold failed to complete his sex offender registration and was also caught with a small amount of Methamphetamine. He’s been sent back to prison with a six year sentence.