Shasta County Releases Court Ordered Documents After Months Long Fight With The Record Searchlight

Documents have been turned over to the Redding Record Searchlight by Shasta County after a protracted court battle. The newspaper says it had been denied multiple public records requests starting in August of 2021 concerning issues surrounding Sheriff Eric Magrini’s dismissal following staff votes of no confidence. The report released to the newspaper apparently confirms that during social justice demonstrations in Redding in 2020, Magrini communicated with Cottonwood Militia members and told them to stand by on Oregon Street and be ready to assist if violence broke out during a March on Court Street. Magrini had previously distributed a photo among some staffmembers that showed Captain Pat Kropholler with a Hitler mustache. He suggested jokingly that the photo could be used to goad the demonstrator into burning down the Sheriff’s South County Patrol Substation, which was in disrepair. He also inappropriately accessed a state database to research the past of Matt Pontes prior to his being hired as County Executive Officer. What’s not clear in the reporting by the newspaper is how the deal came about that had Magrini resign and then be given the newly created position of Assistant Executive Officer, which came with a 31% boost in salary. The documents were partially redacted before being turned over by a judge’s order. Magrini has apparently been on leave for months now, but nobody seems to be able to give a reason for that.